SST Wins Two Prestigious Editors' Choice Awards

In recognition of outstanding performance in their respective categories, acclaimed audio magazine The Absolute Sound has awarded both the Thoebe II preamplifier and the Son of Ampzilla II amplifier an Editors' Choice Award.

See below for specific quotes.

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Thoebe II preamplifier

Thoebe II Preamplifier

Editors’ Choice Awards: Preamplifiers, $2000 - $5000 category

"The Thoebe II preamplifier offers an ideal combination of genuinely useful features, convenience, and stellar performance. Used with care, its tone controls ... can transform any of number of tonally unmusical recordings into pleasing and listenable experiences.... Describing the sound does not invite purple prose; it is essentially neutral, transparent to the source, and at its price a true high-end bargain."

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Son of Ampzilla II amplifier

Son of Ampzilla II Amplifier

Editors’ Choice Awards: Power Amplifiers, $3000 - $6000 category

"Offering consummate ease, composure, and iron-clad stability, it also has a wonderful impression of body, dimensionality, and solidity that is reminiscent of [James] Bongiorno’s final solo amplifier, the Ampzilla 2000…. [U]sed alone or paired with the Thoebe, this is a real high-end bargain that requires no apologies."

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