Welcome to Spread Spectrum Technologies.

The brand that brought true innovation and iconic products like the “Ampzilla” amplifier to audiophiles around the world remains a paragon of high-end audio.

Spread Spectrum Technologies, founded by legendary designer and engineer James Bongiorno, has always embodied the essence of high-end audio: Forward-thinking, state-of-the-art audio components that reproduce music with breathtaking truth and emotion. SST products have delighted audiophile consumers and professional reviewers alike, and Jim’s revolutionary designs helped shape the modern audio industry.

Today, those designs, and more importantly, that spirit of ingenuity and innovation, live on. We’re proud to continue and expand on the extraordinary legacy of the Spread Spectrum Technologies brand, and its unwavering commitment to produce the best audio products money can buy. 

SST products are proudly designed and hand-assembled in the USA.